Soft Cushion Liners

The teeth are usually very delicate and they are prone to be infected with different conditions, which will need them to be extracted for the sake of avoiding too much complications. In cases where the teeth have been removed, the bone that surrounds them will change. The process in which the bone changes are referred to as resorption. This is the maximum change that will occur in the first 6 months after the teeth is removed. This process will also be affected as one ages down. A denture will then be used to replace the removed teeth. But this denture will become loose as time goes, mostly if it was inserted immediately after the teeth were removed. As an option of the denture, which is a tooth replacement, a soft cushion liner is used to offer a partial relief from the loose denture.

What Is A Soft Cushion Liner?
Generally, there are no any different types of the soft liners. They are of the same type, but the size will be the only varying aspect, which will affect the size of liners used. But they all have a cushion lining for comfort in the teeth.

Different Types?
Toothache can mean that decay has progressed so much that it has attacked the centre tooth. In its advanced technology, tooth decay is treated but at advance levels the options are costly and invasive. When the partial denture is applied it replaces a few of functional results and aesthetic results.

When They Are Used?
The soft liner will be used on 3 different situations, which are:

  • Immediately after the teeth are removed, for the sake of providing a temporary relief, until the bone has healed. Which can take about 6 months.
  • After a surgery, and there has been an excess removal of bone, mostly in the mid of the palate. This helps to limit the chances of swelling and irritation.
  • When there is a placement of the implants, in order to relieve the denture around the implant area. The liner will be used to prevent direct contact, which can cause pain.

The liner should be left for up to 30 days and if it stays for too long, it can damage the tissues itself, since it will become hard and rough.

How Are They Installed?
The inner denture surface and soft mouth tissues must be cleaned and dry enough, before the soft liner can be applied. A powder and liquid mixture, which comes with the liner, will be applied to the inner denture surface. After that, the denture will then be fixed, and it will be placed in a normal tooth position, which can bite, for about 2 minutes. A patient might be asked by the dentist to bite down on the cotton rolls for about 120 seconds, for a firmer position. The patient will then be asked to move the mouth in different directions, for the sake of making the material suitable for your mouth

You should avoid brushing the soft cushion liners, and they must be kept clean and taken care of in the right manner. This will help them to last longer, and be more comfortable in your mouth.